We easy travels, which has become one of india leading tour planners within a short span of time. Our clients are our kings and your satisfaction is our achievement.

            We take pride in providing professional services and ensure special care to our customers. Our consultants can help you to organize highly economical and thoroughly enjoyable . Our staff is our key to success. We have well qualified and trained staffs that are always ready to cater to our clients’ needs. Their service will surely make our holiday with foxy holidays a one in a million experience.
We provide wide variety of tour packages. Honeymoon packages, adventure trips, student tours, baby moon packages, health tours, heritage tours…, you name it, we have it!!! Special packages are available for foreign tourists who wish to go for sightseeing in and around Malabar region.
Our inbound packages are sure to impress you. We provide holiday packages to any place inside India… Let it be the spectacular in north or be it the earthy and rustic west. The mysterious northeast…or the peaceful south…or the pretty islands…we sure can take you anywhere you want in our country at affordable prices. In addition to inbound packages we also offer outbound packages. If you wish to fly to any foreign destinations.Just contact we and we will provide you with the best of foreign packages at attractive rates. We offer tour guides and well maintained vehicles to our clients. We bet you, you will find no other companion better than us


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